Requiem (typeface)

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Category Serif
Classification Old Style
Designer(s) Jonathan Hoefler
Foundry Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Requiem is an old style serif typeface designed by Jonathan Hoefler in 1992 for Travel & Leisure magazine. The typeface takes inspiration from a set of inscriptional capitals found in Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi's 1523 writing manual, Il Modo de Temperare le Penne. Italics are based on the cancelleresca corsiva chancellery model. The typeface family is large, containing three sizes of small capitals, two ornaments fonts, and italic ligatures. A display or titling variant has an especially thin serifs and overall stroke weight.


  • Requiem Display
  • Requiem Fine
  • Requiem Ornaments
  • Requiem Text


  • Requiem typeface was used for the title and credits of the movie Pride & Prejudice.
  • Requiem typeface is the font used in the feline novel series Warriors by Erin Hunter.
  • Requiem typeface was the typeface used in the novel Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.
  • Requiem typeface was used for the cover of the novel Bone Worship by Elizabeth Eslami.
  • Requiem typeface was used for the opening credits of the CBS series Ghost Whisperer.


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