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Res Artis is the largest existing network of artist residency programs, representing the interests of more than 300 centers and organizations in 50 countries worldwide that offer international artists the optimum conditions for producing art. Members of the organization include a wide variety of facilities that take may take the form of an art colony, an artist-run space, or other regional residency networks.

The network began in 1993 as an organization of volunteers who represent and support the needs of residential arts centers and programs through the dynamic exchange of information in the form of publications and through regional and international face-to-face meetings. Res Artis promotes the understanding of the catalytic role residential arts centers play in the development of Contemporary Arts in all cultures worldwide and across all creative media. The organization has been cited in its work to further the international mobility of artists and the promotion of cultural exchange through art residencies.[1][2]

Conferences and Meetings[edit]

Res Artis has two types of meetings, large general meetings and smaller satellite and project-based gatherings.

The last General Meetings have taken place in Amsterdam, Berlin, Sydney and Melbourne, Helsinki, Santa Monica, New Delhi, Cassis, Dublin, Budapest and Tata, Barcelona and Sabadell. Documentation from all of these meetings can be found on the Res Artis website.

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