Resala Charity Organization

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Resala Charity Organization
جمعية رسالة للأعمال الخيرية
Type Non-profit
Founded 1999
Website Official website

Resala is a non-profit organization based in Egypt. Resala is powered by over 250,000 volunteers spanning 67 branches all over Egypt. It provides 31 activities aiming at helping the Egyptian community. These activities include: caring for orphans, helping the blind, the deaf, children with special needs, blood donation, poverty alleviation, literacy training.[1]

Activities provided by Resala[edit]

  • Orphans care: Each branch raises round 25 orphans or less, providing them with care and big siblings through the BBBS activity, with the possibility of being adopted.
  • Blind care: Besides helping thousands of blind people in need, many books are being printed in Braille, recorded in cassettes and read to the orphans by thousands of volunteers, and thanks to Resala many of them have received their Master's degree and PHDs.
  • Deaf/mutes care: Provides them with computer courses, religious principles, art workshops, medical aids and job opportunities, besides organising trips and parties.
  • Special abilities care
  • Aiding needy homes and families
  • Organising second-hand clothes fair
  • Free tutoring
  • Blood bank
  • Recycling
  • Training centers (literacy/computers/languages)
  • Medical care
  • Street kids care
  • Caravans
  • Charity dish
  • Charity errands
  • Charity visits
  • Handiwork
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Anwar Resala
  • Forsan Resala
  • Ensan Awareness


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