Resist Records

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Resist Records
Founder Graham Nixon
Distributor(s) Shock records
Genre Hardcore punk, metalcore, punk rock
Country of origin Australia
Location Newtown, New South Wales
Official website

Resist Records is an independent record label and retail store based in Newtown, New South Wales, Australia. The store was opened by Toe To Toe vocalist, Scott McFadyen in 1996 before expanding to a record label in 1998.[1] Resist also hosts an annual hardcore fest, which has featured the best local and international hardcore bands.



  • After The Fall (currently unsigned)
  • Day Of Contempt (disbanded, became The Dear & Departed)
  • The Dead Walk! (disbanded)[2]
  • Forza Liandri
  • God So Loved The World (disbanded)
  • The Hot Lies (currently signed to Liberation Music)
  • I Killed The Prom Queen (disbanded in 2007, did a farewell tour in 2008, reformed in 2011)
  • The Killchoir Project (disbanded, members formed The Hot Lies)
  • Last Nerve (disbanded, members went on to No Apologies and Bad Blood)
  • Shotpointblank (disbanded)[3]
  • Stronger Than Hate (disbanded)
  • Taking Sides
  • Where's the Pope? (disbanded)[4]


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