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Restaurante Arroyo is the world's largest single Mexican restaurant, located in the Tlalpan area of Mexico City. The restaurant has seating for 2,200 patrons in 9 dining rooms and parking for 600 cars. The restaurant also features stages for musical performances, an array of wandering mariachi and jarocho bands, an area for hosting piñata parties, a cockfighting pit, a mechanical bull and its own bullring.

History and noted menu items[edit]

Restaurante Arroyo was founded by Jose Arroyo and Maria Aguirre de Arroyo in 1940. Although its menu has expanded along with its size, its principal claim to gastronomic fame was and is its dishes featuring lamb and mutton, such as barbacoa de borrego (slow-roasted barbecue mutton) and consome de borrego, soup made from the drippings of the roasting lamb and sheep.

The restaurant has been featured on Rick Bayless' PBS cooking show, "Mexico: One Plate at a Time". In terms of size and number of diversions for diners, it is similar to the more famous Denver restaurant Casa Bonita.

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