Restol, The Special Rescue Squad

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Restol, The Special Rescue Squad
Written by Taekwan Kim
Directed by Dongik Lee
Original language(s) Korean
Producer(s) Joonghwan Lee
Running time 25 minutes per episode
Distributor KBS Productions

Restol, The Special Rescue Squad (레스톨 특수 구조대) is a 1999 Korean animated film created by Seoul Movie.


In 2034, the future world experienced serious natural disasters. In 2035, GEONOID was established as a company in order to protect the earth against natural calamities. Furthermore, the organization set up SRS (Special Rescue Services) that consists of the orbiting rescue station R-SAT, five RESTOL units, and the Shell Diver carrier ship.

Kang Maru, a 14-year old boy, was chosen by GEONOID via a simulation video game competition to pilot RESTOL unit 03 as he demonstrated superb skills.


Country Release Date Title
South Korea Jan 29, 1999 레스톨 특수구조대 (KBS)
Japan Oct 5, 1999 装甲救助部隊レストル (NHK BS2)
Hong Kong Oct 17. 2000 Telecast Station (TVB)
Philippines Restol (ABC-5)


The following castings are based on Korean version.

  • Kang Maru (강마루) - Choi Won-Hyeong
  • Oming (오밍) - Kim Hye-Mi
  • Mia (미아) -Kim Soo-Gyeong
  • Punky (펑키) - Seong Byeong-Sook
  • Heron (헤론) - Choi Byeong-Sang
  • Lucifer (루시퍼)- Choi Byeong-Sang
  • Victor (빅터) - Choi Byeong-Sang
  • Reth (레스사령관) - Choi Moon-Ja
  • Kou (코우선장) - Jang Gwang
  • Kain (카인) - Kang Goo-Han
  • Jin (진) - Kim Il
  • Hanse (한스) - Lee Jeong-Goo
  • Jei (제이) - Lim Eun-Jeong

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