Resurrection Catholic Secondary School

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Resurrection Catholic Secondary School
Resurrection catholic secondary school logo.png
"Learning, Growing, Building. Making a Difference."
455 University Ave. West
Kitchener, Ontario, N2N 3B9, Canada
Coordinates 43°26′27″N 80°32′48″W / 43.44088°N 80.54672°W / 43.44088; -80.54672
School board Waterloo Catholic District School Board
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Principal Chris Woodcroft
Vice principal Rosann Lacalamita & Glenda Leusink
School type Secondary
Grades 9-12 or 5th Year
Language English
Mascot Peeper and Peepette
Team name Phoenix
Colours Red and Yellow         
Founded 1990
Enrollment 1500
Resurrection HS Kitchener dramatic.JPG

Resurrection Catholic Secondary School is a Catholic high school in Kitchener, Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada.


As of September 2013, the guidance department's head is Bob Carlin. There are currently four guidance counsellors at Resurrection:

  • Bob Carlin (2012–Present)
  • Laurie Stimson
  • Sean Kritz
  • Ann Hummel (2012–Present)


Resurrection CSS has a variety of awards that students can apply to annually. In addition, a collection of awards are presented to students who qualify for them based on merit or academic achievement.

Most awards can be found here...


Resurrection has a strong athletics program, which has recently seen the following teams achieve success at the local and/or provincial levels:

  • 2008 OFSAA Western Bowl Champions - Senior Boys football
  • 2008 CWOSSA Champions - Senior Boys football
  • 2008 WCSSAA Champions - Senior Boys football
  • 2009 WCSSAA Champions - Senior Boys football
  • 2009 CWOSSA AAAA Champions - Junior Boys Basketball
  • 2010 CWOSSA AAAA Champions - Junior Boys Basketball
  • 2010 CWOSSA AAAA Champions - Junior Girls Volleyball
  • 2010 CWOSSA Champions - Girls Field Hockey
  • 2010 OFSAA Gold Medalists - Girls Field Hockey
  • 2011 CWOSSA Finalist - Girls Field Hockey
  • 2011 OFSAA Gold Medalists - Girls Field Hockey
  • 2012 CWOSSA Champions - Girls Field Hockey
  • 2012 OFSAA Gold Medalists - Girls Field Hockey
  • 2013 OFSAA Silver Medalists - Girls Field Hockey

Resurrection has introduced the PEAT athletics program, which is an enrichment program for self-motivated student- athletes who demonstrate exceptional athletic potential in a given sport. Applicants to the program must also possess strong academic commitment, and be positive contributors to the Resurrection community. Applicants must be working toward a provincial/ national/ international championship outside of high school sport. The PEAT program will focus on developing essential transferable skills including speed, agility, endurance, power, and flexibility.

Resurrection is a member of the eight team District 8 Athletic Association


During the course of the 2011-2012 school year, Resurrection's Reach for the Top team won the regional tournament for Waterloo, and therefore ended up attending the Provincial championships, where the team placed 13th in the Province. Also, a notable program Resurrection Catholic Secondary School has to offer is UCEP (University Cooperative Education Program). Where students in either grade 12 or 13 get to spend their first semester at the University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier or St. Jerome's University. This program is known as a specialized co-op and it supplies those students who excel with an outstanding experience. You are then able to gain a co-op position with a professor on any of these campuses. This gives you a unique experience and looks good on applications for College or University. The Waterloo Catholic Secondary School Board offers a program known as High Skills Major. In this program you will receive a number of certifications and will be able to attend many courses related to a specific career path such as health and wellness. You will also have to take certain courses in you upper years (grade 11 and 12) that relate to this career path, for example in health and wellness you would have to take some science courses. It is also a necessity to take co-op, and to receive a placement in the career of your choice. Once all these requirements are met, students who participated in the program will receive a designation on their diploma, which also looks great when applying to post-secondary school. It will also give you some advantages when at your post-secondary school.

Clubs at Resurrection High School[edit]

There are few students are going to clubs for meetings and having fun. This is few list who are going to club at this school from inducing to: Arts Council, Computer Programming Club, Concert Bands, DECA, Gardening Club, Model United Nations, Multicultural Club, Nutrition for Learning, Photography Club, Reach for the Top Club, Skills Canada and Yoga Club. as well as many others.[1]

Notable alumni[edit]


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