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For the concept in music theory, see Retrograde inversion.

Retrograde Inversion were a progressive rock/funk band from Haslemere, England. The band formed in 2003 as part of the Live and Direct Youth Scheme. The band's name is derived from the musical term Retrograde Inversion, meaning backwards and upside down.

They performed at Alton Live and played a free concert at Alton College. More notably however, they won the Alton Battle of the Bands. In addition they played on Delta Fm and BBC Radio Leicester. They were described by the local press as having '"an exciting mix of bass-driven funk and 70's style melodic rock".

In 2005 the band disbanded.

In 2007 vocalist Louise Coady joined the groups Jump Ship from Bath, England (disbanded in 2009) and Kloudbreak from Bristol, England.

Bassist Sophie Lowe has pursued a solo career as a singer-songwriter, musician and producer based in London, England.


  • Louise Coady (Vocals)
  • Cassie Philpot (Guitar)
  • Rob Hack (Guitar)
  • Sophie Lowe (Bass)
  • Ben Turk (Drums)


  • The Funk E.P 2004
  • Slow Song 2005
  • Coming Down & Wake Up 2005

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