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Retrovirology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal which publishes original and review articles on the basic research of retroviruses.

It is edited by Monsef Benkirane (France), Ben Berkhout (the Netherlands), Masahiro Fujii (Japan), Ariberto Fassati (UK), Persephone Borrow (UK), Andrew Lever (UK) and Mark Wainberg (Canada) with the assistance of an internationally renowned editorial Board. Kuan-Teh Jeang(late) (USA) was a former editor-in-chief.

The journal is published by Biomed Central and can be accessed online. It is an Open Access journal which means that all articles published in Retrovirology can be read in full text form without the need to pay for a subscription.

Retrovirology has an ISI tabulated impact factor for 2013 of 4.77. This impact factor ranks Retrovirology ahead of the Journal of Virology, Virology and Journal of General Virology and at the forefront of virological journals (Just below the journal "AIDS" that possesses 6.56 impact factor ).

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