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Devin Hester, who is shown fielding a punt during special teams practice at the Chicago Bears' 2007 Training Camp, is one of the best Return Specialists in National Football League history.

A Return Specialist is a player on American football or Canadian football special teams who specializes in returning punts and kickoff returns. There are few players who are exclusively Return Specialists; most play other positions as well. The special teams counterpart of a Return Specialist is a kicking specialist.

According to 2012 College Football All-America Team selection Venric Mark: "Returning punts is harder," Mark said. "You have to judge the ball more, you have to know when to fair catch and when not to. You can't be a superhero and try to catch everything. With kick returns, you catch the ball and — boom — you're going."[1]

Notable return specialists are Tennessee Titans running back Leon Washington, Percy Harvin of the New York Jets, and cornerback Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals.

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