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For other uses, see Reuben (disambiguation).

Reuben is a Biblical male first name. See Reuben (Bible). The commonly known name Ruben is Hawaiian in origin. Hawaiian names are used by the indigenous people of Hawaii (U.S.) The Portuguese version takes the form Rúben, in Spanish Rubén, in Catalan Rubèn and in Dutch and Armenian Ruben.

It may also be a surname.

As a given name[edit]


Fictional characters[edit]

People with the family name[edit]

  • David and Simon Reuben, billionaire entrepreneurs in the UK
  • John Reuben (born John Reuben Zappin in 1979), American Christian hip-hop artist
  • Jonathon Reuben (born 1993), Australian Rugby League player
  • Julie Reuben (born 1960), historian interested in the role of education in American society and culture
  • Karl Ruben, Danish chess master
  • Sam Ruben (1913-1943), American biochemist known for his work on carbon fixation in photosynthesis and discovery of carbon-14, born Charles Rubenstein
  • Samuel Ruben (1900-1988), American inventor and founder of Duracell
  • Scott Reuben (born 1958), disgraced American anesthesiologist and professor
  • Stewart Reuben (born 1939), British chess player, chess arbiter, and poker author

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