Reuven Helman

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Reuven Helman
Reuven Helman.jpg
Born 1927
Nationality  Israel
Known for Maccabi Olympian
War Veteran
Weightlifting Champion
Track and Field Champion
Grenade Flinging
Religion Jewish
Children Noava, Aryela and Hedva[1]

Reuven Helman (born 1927 in Tel Aviv, died July 11, 2013) is a former Maccabiah Olympian recognized as a weightlifting champion, distinguished athlete in Track and Field,[1] the Decathlon and for his career as an athletic instructor.[2] He competed in shot-put and javelin. Helman came in second in 1957 in the International Maccabiah Games in Tel Aviv, and had also competed in 1953.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Helman became an adherent of the Chabad Lubavitch Movement after visiting its spiritual head, Rabbi Menachem M. Schnerson.[1] He attributed his strength to kosher eating, clean living and exercise.[3]

Military Service[edit]

Helman fought in Israeli’s 1948 war of independence and was dubbed the “human cannon” for his ability to fling grenades over 75 meters when army supplies were short.[3] He also received a war medal for his service in World War II.[4]

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