Rev-Ola Records

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Rev-Ola Records
Parent company PoppyDisc
Founded 1988
Founder Joe Foster
Distributor(s) PoppyDisc/Shellshock/Virtual (US)
Genre Esoterica
Classic pop
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London, England
Official website

Rev-Ola Records is a British independent record label formed in 1988 that specializes in reissues, as well as select new releases. The label is headed by Joe Foster, a former child actor and musician/producer. He, along with Alan McGee and Dick Green, formed Creation Records, as well as the band Biff Bang Pow!.


The inspiration for Rev-Ola came from the Creation Records staff's love of finding or compiling old, rare, and bizarre records.[1]

The label was originally a subsidiary of the Creation Records publishing arm, Creation Songs, in which guise it also issued spoken word recordings by William Shatner and Ivor Cutler, as well as first-time reissues by favoured artists, such as Fred Neil and Yma Sumac.

Other executives at Rev-Ola include art director and songwriter Andy Morten, and mastering engineer Norman Blake (of Teenage Fanclub). Rev-Ola is now a subsidiary of the Glasgow-based PoppyDisc label, founded by Foster with Norman Blake, Andy Morten, and Paul Cardow.

Select list of artists on Rev-Ola[edit]


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