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Revaz Lordkipanidze

Revaz Lordkipanidze (Georgian: რევაზ ლორთქიფანიძე, was born 1965, 7 Jan., Georgia) is a Georgian economist, politician (winner of the first democratic election in Georgia), doctor of sciences (economics, world economy and international economic relations), gold medalist of Georgian Ministry of Education.

Revaz Lordkipanidze is author of publications about religious base of economic growth, US role in world progress and new world economical structure,[1] stabilization of finance,[2] law of economic competition, theories of economic relativity and competitive equilibrium, etc.

For practice of inter-money system optimal stimulation and macroeconomic structure marginal efficiency, R. Lordkipanidze defines the force of economic competition approximately as The Force of electric current. By Lordkipanidze law of economic competition, the less are output of monopoly and excess (disquality or needless) production (or services), the more is the force of competition. R. Lordkipanidze defines two constituents of force (I0 and I1) and their integral influence (K): I0 = U/R0 ; I1 = U/R1; K= N × I0× I1, where U is total production; R0 – non-realized production; R1 - output of the largest firm (maybe monopoly); N – number of firms. On the base of own argumentation for simultaneous use indexes of Lordkipanidze law of economic competition with HHI (The United States, Department of Justice, Herfindahl-Hirschman Index)(also about Herfindahl-Hirschman Index) and Health Care Reforms(Managerial Costs in Healthcare, P. 118-134).

By R. Lordkipanidze's Formulation for development of EU formulate of effective ecostructural changes in operative ecopolicy E= ∑ [(Eio+Eit)/2]Δai; i=1;2;…;n

E – Effectiveness of ecostructural changes in t time; Eio – Effectiveness of i element of structure for start of t time; Eit – Effectiveness of i element of structure for finish of t time; Δai – percent change (:100) of i element of used resource's structure in t time; i=1;2;…;n – element of structure (branch, region or age group of technique, etc.).

This formulation of R. Lordkipanidze has different interpretations in conditions of crisis and if E≥0.[3]

Revaz Lordkipanidze is author of Christian Chants.[4]

He graduated Tbilisi State University with Honored Diploma (1986) and Institute of Economy and Law (Georgian Academy of Sciences, 1990), St. Petersburg State University with diploma of doctor (1998–1999), was member (first from post USSR countries) of The Academy of Political Science (NY, USA) with certificates (1998–2010), with successfully certify EU TACIS Project (Cleaner production, 2003) and University of Minnesota (The USA, Training program, 2011), elected academician of Georgian Academy of Economic Sciences (2013). He is in Georgian Economic encyclopedia as young economic doctor (See references: 5, P. 377 (Editor Avtandil Silagadze); 6, P. 89; 7, P. 117).

In theory of economic relativity (See references: 7, P. 24-26; 10, P. 355-358; 11, P. 50-55), Revaz Lordkipanidze summarizes the practice of price behavior. The author considers, that some Christian masterpieces (for example Wonder-working Icon), natural resources (for example uranium and any other resources for mc² by mass-energy equivalence ) and scientific and technological innovations (for example computer) can have a huge price (even invaluable for Humanity) by relative big growth to the cost of their production. Revaz Lordkipanidze offers also conclusions for construction new economic system in macroeconomics of post-crisis conditions and competitive equilibrium (between private and public properties) as optimal way of marginal results of economical system.

R. Lordkipanidze is winner (1991, independently, without Communist party) in the first democratic choice of Georgia in center of the sea capital of Georgia - Batumi, after he was initiator for creation of Ministry of Economy in Georgia and the first acting head of this Ministry in significant geopolitical region - Achara (See Governmental decisions of Georgia in 1993–1998 years). He is also initiator for real free economic zone in Georgia, as base of fast economic growth and peaceful international cooperation, author of recommendations for healthcare reforms, structure of property, new rational (effective) economic relations (See references: 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12), etc.


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