Revelations (Special Ed album)

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Studio album by Special Ed
Released June 27, 1995
Recorded Homeboy Recording Studio, Dolla Cab Lab, King Jammy's Studio, Power Play Studios, D&D Studios, Hi-Class Studios, Quad Studios, Soundtrack Studios Autumn 1994-Spring 1995. Neva Go Back Recorded at Howie's Crib Studio
Genre Hip hop
Length 55:39
Label Profile Records
Producer Howie Tee
Special Ed chronology
The Best of Special Ed

Revelations is the third album by the rapper Special Ed from 1995.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Lyrics
  2. Neva Go Back
  3. Rough to the Endin'
  4. Walk the Walk
  5. It's Only Gettin' Worse
  6. Just a Killa
  7. Rukus
  8. Freaky Flow
  9. Won't Be Long
  10. Crazy
  11. Here I Go Again
  12. Just Like Dat
  13. Everyday Itz a Gunshot
  14. We Rule