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A stamp duty revenue stamp of Tasmania.

The Australian State of Tasmania issued revenue stamps from 1863 to 1998. There were various types for different taxes.[1]

Beer Duty (1880-1918)[edit]

Beer tax stamps were first issued in 1880 and were stuck to beer kegs. Most are rare since they were damaged when used. There were several issues with changes in design and colour until 1918, when they were replaced by Australian issues.

Stamp Duty/Revenue (1863-1998)[edit]

The first Tasmanian revenue stamps were issued in 1863, portraying Saint George and the Dragon. This design was replaced by a platypus design in 1880. In 1900, some stamps from the previous issues as well as the postage £1 value portraying Queen Victoria were overprinted REVENUE. Some of these were surcharged between 1903 and 1918, and a numeral design was issued in 1904, which continued to be used until 1952. The platypus design reappeared between 1929 and 1955, until a set of pictorials was issued later that year. In 1966 a new set in decimal currency was issued, and this was withdrawn in around 1998.

Tax Instalment (1940-1941)[edit]

The first two sets of tax instalment stamps were stamp duty issues of the 1930s overprinted or additionally surcharged. All of these are quite rare. The third set was issued in 1941. It was the keytype used in all Australian states, overprinted TAS. below the value. Twenty nine values ranging from 1d to £5 were issued, and are most commonly found in mint condition.

Wages Tax (1935-1937)[edit]

All wages tax stamps were stamp duty numeral types overprinted WAGES TAX. There were two different settings of the overprint and each overprint exists in red and black.

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