Revival (novel)

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First edition cover
Author Stephen King
Country USA
Language English
Genre Horror
Published November 11, 2014 (Scribner)
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 405
ISBN 978-1-4767-7038-3

Revival is a novel by Stephen King, published on November 11, 2014.[1] This was King's second novel published during 2014, and his fourth since 2013.[2]

Background information[edit]

The novel was first mentioned by King on June 20, 2013, while doing a video chat with fans as part of promoting the upcoming Under the Dome TV series. During the chat King stated that he was halfway through writing his next novel, Revival.[3] The novel was officially announced on February 12, 2014.[4] An excerpt was included at the end of the paperback edition of King's Doctor Sleep, published on June 10, 2014 (ISBN 978-1451698855). In an interview with Rolling Stone, King stated that Revival was inspired by Arthur Machen's "The Great God Pan" and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and, like several of King's preceding novels, the idea for this novel has been around with him ever since he was a kid.[5]


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