RBG: Revolutionary but Gangsta

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RBG: Revolutionary but Gangsta
Studio album by dead Prez
Released March 30, 2004
Genre Hip-hop
Length 44:18
Label Sony Records
Producer Sean Cane, Stic, Tahir
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Let's Get Free
RBG: Revolutionary but Gangsta
Information Age
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]
Rolling Stone 3/5 stars [2]
The Source 4.5/5 stars [3]
Vibe 3.5/5 stars [4]

RBG: Revolutionary but Gangsta is the second studio album by hip-hop duo dead prez. It was released March 30, 2004 on Sony Records.

RBG represents the traditional African colors of the UNIA,[citation needed] red, black, and green, which are featured on the album cover.

On RBG: Revolutionary but Gangsta, Dead Prez talks about ending poverty and depression, and of "pimping the system" as a means to this end and to the cause of liberation. On "Hell Yeah," Dead Prez declare "Fuck welfare / we say reparations".

Inside the album liner notes, RBG is variously described as standing for; "revolutionary but gangsta", "real big guns", "real black girls", "ready to bust gats", "reaching bigger goals", "read 'bout Garvey", "rappers be gassed", "red black green", "rider's basic guide", and "rollin big ganja".

The song "Radio Freq" first appeared on Turn Off the Radio: The Mixtape Vol. 1 as "Turn Off the Radio" and is considered an homage to Ice Cube's song "Turn Off The Radio".[5]

In 2003, the song, "Hell Yeah" was featured on the 2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Don't Forget Where U Came From" – 1:14
  2. "Walk Like a Warrior" (featuring Krayzie Bone) – 3:32
  3. "I Have a Dream, Too" – 4:00
  4. "D.O.W.N." – 2:07
  5. "Hell Yeah (Pimp the System)" (featuring Blue (vocals)) – 4:12
  6. "W-4" (featuring Asia Mic) – 4:04
  7. "Radio Freq" (featuring Sean Cane (scratches)) – 2:51
  8. "Fucked Up" – 2:43
  9. "50 in the Clip" (featuring Wu Hylton) – 2:42
  10. "Way of Life" – 2:57
  11. "Don't Forget Where U Goin" – 2:09
  12. "Hell Yeah (Pimp the System)" (remix) (featuring Jay-Z) – 4:20
note: tracks 13-19 are each five seconds of silence, and are followed by two more unlisted tracks, "Twenty" (2:22) and "Hell Yeah" (rock remix) (5:06)



  • Stic.man – track 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Tahir Jamal – track 3
  • Dead Prez and Downbeat Production Collective – track 5, 12
  • Sean Cane – track 9