Revolver (The Haunted album)

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Studio album by The Haunted
Released 18 October 2004
(see release history)
Recorded February–March 2004
(Studio Fredman)[1]
Genre Metalcore, groove metal, melodic death metal, thrash metal
Length 47:11
Label Century Media
Producer Fredrik Nordström, Patrik J. Sten & The Haunted
The Haunted chronology
One Kill Wonder
The Dead Eye
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link
Blabbermouth 8/10 stars
Chronicles of Chaos 10/10 stars
The Metal Observer 9/10 stars
Metal Rules 4.5/5 stars
Metal Storm 9/10 stars
PopMatters Positive

Revolver (stylized as rEVOLVEr) is the fourth studio album by Swedish metal band The Haunted.[2]

This album merges the raw blueprint of their self-titled debut with the slightly more refined and produced sound evident on their subsequent albums.

As the album name suggests, the band has evolved on this record. There are more cleanly sung and melodic vocals than ever before, along with the requisite screaming metal-vocals. Even considering this, and the fact that they seem to have put an emphasis on elements of hardcore punk and melodic death metal, Revolver is still very much a modern thrash metal record.

There have been criticisms of the album as well. Some people believe that former vocalist Marco Aro was much more suited to the band than Dolving. Dolving's vocals are considered by some to be more hardcore punk and not heavy metal in style. There are also many more down-tempo songs on this album, which is a first for the band.

A limited edition digipak of this CD contained two bonus tracks, and different artwork.

A music video was made for "No Compromise" which featured Mark Greenway.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Music Length
1. "No Compromise"   Anders Björler 3:44
2. "99"   Patrik Jensen, A. Björler 3:58
3. "Abysmal"   A. Björler 4:50
4. "Sabotage"   A. Björler 2:36
5. "All Against All"   A. Björler 4:34
6. "Sweet Relief"   A. Björler 3:28
7. "Burnt to a Shell"   Jensen 3:47
8. "Who Will Decide"   Jonas Björler, A. Björler 3:29
9. "Nothing Right"   Jensen 3:47
10. "Liquid Burns"   J. Björler, A. Björler 4:45
11. "My Shadow"   A. Björler 6:55
Total length:
  • The limited edition of the album contains the bonus tracks "Fire Alive" and "Smut King" at tracks 11 and 12, respectively. "My Shadow" was moved to track 13.
  • The Japanese release contains the bonus track "Out of Reach" at track 9, respectively. "Nothing Right" was moved to track 10. The bonus track "Smut King" is not on this edition. However, "Fire Alive" still remains at track 11, therefore keeping the album at 13 tracks.

Release history[edit]

Region Date
North America 19 October 2004




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