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Industry Financial Services
Founded 1984
Founder Mel Chasen
Area served
North America
Key people

Dan Kazan
(Chief Executive Officer)

Shane Kern
(Chief Financial Officer)

John Leen
(Chief Sales Officer)

Alice Geene
(Chief Legal Officer)

Number of employees
375 (2011)[2]

Rewards Network is a merchant cash advance and marketing services company that provides restaurants with immediate capital and access to diners who belong to various dining rewards programs. Over 11,000 restaurants are members of Rewards Network.

Rewards Network Tools for Restaurants[edit]

Comment Management System[edit]

The Rewards Network Comment Management System (CMS) allows restaurants to connect with their diners outside of the restaurant.[3]

Data and Insights[edit]

Because Rewards Network is able to connect restaurants to actual customers, they have the ability to break down average check size, party size, ratings by key metrics, and geographic reach.[4]

Marketing Services[edit]

Rewards Network markets program restaurants to diners via various rewards programs across the United States.

  • Advertising opportunities provide additional exposure through spotlights, banners, and landing pages.
  • Diner Reviews sends surveys to diners.
  • Emails include embedded search engines and links that lead diners to the restaurant.
  • Mobile App allows diners to search for restaurants in or near any city. [5]
  • Social Engage collects and publishes customers' video reviews.[6]
  • Web Marketing provides a virtual meeting place that connects diners to restaurants through dining program websites.

Merchant Cash Advance[edit]

Rewards Network provides restaurant owners with a cash infusion through two Merchant Cash Advance programs designed specifically for the restaurant industry, Preferred Restaurant Funding and Dining Credits. Each program includes the Marketing Services programs listed above and provides restaurant owners and operators with an alternative to a traditional business loan.

The Dining Programs[edit]

Airline Programs[edit]

Charitable Programs[edit]

Hotel Programs[edit]

Rewards Programs[edit]


Mel Chasen founded Rewards Network in September 1984, as Transmedia Network, Inc., in New York City. The company started with 41 restaurants and 225 members. Mike Nichter, who created the MCI Green Card - the initial restaurant platform - invested money restaurant credits, barter experience, and sales management shortly after Mel and David Roth raised the initial fundiing. By 2000, Transmedia was the world's largest dining rewards program, with over 2 million members and 8,000 restaurants. In 2002, Transmedia changed its name to iDine Rewards Network. In 2003, the name was shortened to Rewards Network.[10] The company was taken private in December, 2010.[citation needed]


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