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Ytri-Njarðvík, part of Reykjanesbær
Ytri-Njarðvík, part of Reykjanesbær
Coat of arms of Reykjanesbær
Coat of arms
Location of the Municipality of Reykjanesbær
Location of the Municipality of Reykjanesbær
Coordinates: 64°00′N 22°33′W / 64.000°N 22.550°W / 64.000; -22.550
Country Iceland
Constituency[1] Suðurkjördæmi
Region[2] Suðurnes[3]
County Gullbringusýsla
 • Total 145 km2 (56 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 14,231
 • Density 98/km2 (250/sq mi)
Postal codes 230-232-233-235-260
Website Official website

Reykjanesbær is a municipality on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland. It is made up of the towns Keflavík, Njarðvík, the village of Hafnir and, since 2006, Ásbrú. The municipality was created in 1995 when the inhabitants of the three towns voted to merge them into one. Reykjanesbær is the fifth largest municipality in Iceland and has a population of 14,231 (1 January 2013).


Church of Hafnir

Of the three towns which make up the municipality, Keflavík is the largest, while Hafnir is the smallest and some 10 kilometers distant. Keflavík and Njarðvík were originally distinct towns but gradually grew together over the course of the latter half of the 20th century, until the only thing separating them was a single street. The northern side of the street belonged to Keflavík and the southern side to Njarðvík. Since May 2009 the township of Njarðvík has been the location of the Viking World museum. In 2006, when the United States Navy closed Naval Air Station Keflavik, the site was taken over by the development agency Kadeco, and renamed Ásbrú. A university, Keilir, was founded and now Ásbrú houses the campuses of various educational institutions and also businesses, both newly founded and relocated to the site of the air base.

Twin towns — Sister cities[edit]

Reykjanesbær has the following sister cities:


Reykjanesbær is famous as the Sport Town of Iceland.[citation needed] It has one major sport club, Njarðvík; other clubs are Keflavík, Golfklúbbur Suðurnesja, Hestamannafélagið Máni, ÍRB and HKR.

Points of interest[edit]


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Coordinates: 64°00′04″N 22°33′07″W / 64.00111°N 22.55194°W / 64.00111; -22.55194