Rhodesian general election, 1965

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Rhodesian general election, 1965
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7 May 1965 → 1970

All 65 seats to the House of Assembly of Rhodesia
33 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Ian Smith 1950s.jpg No image.png
Leader Ian Smith Josiah Gondo
Party RF NPP
Last election 35 N/A
Seats won 50 10
Seat change Increase 15 Increase 10
Popular vote N/A
Percentage N/A
("A"-roll seats)
("B"-roll seats)

Prime Minister before election

Ian Smith

Elected Prime Minister

Ian Smith

General elections were held in Rhodesia on 7 May 1965. The election was held using two rolls, an "A" roll, which was largely white (around 90,000 whites and 2,256 blacks)[1] and elected 50 seats, and a "B" roll, which was largely black and elected 15 seats. Only 10,544 voters were registered on the B roll.[1] The ruling Rhodesian Front won all 50 A roll seats, whilst the National People's Party won 10 of the B roll seats.

Later in the year, the government made a Unilateral Declaration of Independence.


Party A roll B roll Total
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
Rhodesian Front 50 0 50
National People's Party 0 10 10
Others 0 5 5
Total 50 15 65
Source: African Elections Database


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