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Not to be confused with Rhondda.

Rhonda may refer to:

  • Rhonda Abrams, American small business expert, columnist, author and speaker
  • Rhonda Adams (born 1971), American model and actress
  • Rhonda Bates (born 1949), American actress
  • Rhonda Belle Martin (1907–1957), American serial killer
  • Rhonda Britten (born 1960), the founder of the Fearless Living Institute, speaker and bestselling author
  • Rhonda Burchmore (born 1960), Australian entertainer
  • Rhonda Byrne (born 1951), Australian television writer and producer
  • Rhonda Cator (born 1966), retired female badminton player from Australia
  • Rhonda Cornum, Ph.D., M.D., captured during the Gulf War and molested by her Iraqi Captors
  • Rhonda Corvese, Toronto-based international independent curator
  • Rhonda Faehn (born 1971), American college gymnastics coach and former college and elite gymnast
  • Rhonda Fleming (born 1923), American film and television actress
  • Rhonda Galbally (born 1948), Australian, currently the Chair of the Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne
  • Rhonda Glenn, American sportscaster, award-winning author and a manager of communications for the USGA
  • Rhonda Jo Petty (born 1955), American pornographic actress
  • Rhonda Keenum, lobbyist for The WIT Group and former Republican operative who worked for President George W. Bush
  • Rhonda Kramer, Los Angeles, United States, reporter
  • Rhonda Martini, DDS, PC, dentist specializing in advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry
  • Rhonda Paisley (born 1960), artist, author, and former politician from Northern Ireland
  • Rhonda Pearlman, fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire, played by actress Deirdre Lovejoy
  • Rhonda Rajsich (born 1978), American racquetball player
  • Rhonda Roland Shearer, American sculptor, scholar and journalist
  • Rhonda Rompola, the head women's basketball coach at SMU
  • Rhonda Ross Kendrick (born 1971), American actress
  • Rhonda Rucker, folk musician from Louisville, Kentucky
  • Rhonda Shear (born 1954), American television personality, comedienne, and actress
  • Rhonda Sing (1961–2001), Canadian professional wrestler
  • Rhonda Sivarajah, Minnesota Republican politician
  • Rhonda Thorne (born 1958), former World No. 1 squash player from Australia
  • Rhonda Vincent (born 1962), bluegrass singer, songwriter, mandolin player, guitarist and fiddle player
  • Rhonda Volmer, fictional character in the HBO series Big Love
  • Rhonda Watkins (born 1987), Trinidad and Tobago long jumper

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