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Rhonda Glenn is an American sportscaster, award-winning author and a manager of communications for the USGA beginning in 1996 until her retirement in May 2013.[1]

She was the first full-time national TV network female sportscaster when she began broadcasting at ESPN on February 6, 1981.

Glenn has been a golf commentator for ABC since 1978.

An amateur golfer, Glenn played in five U.S. Women's Amateur Championships and two U.S. Women's Open. Glenn won the Florida East Coast Golf Tournament in 1965.

She is the author or co-author of several books on golf, including The Illustrated History of Women's Golf (1992 winner of the USGA International Book Award), Golf for Women, The Beginner's Guide to Great Golf for Women, The Rules of Golf Simplified, The Junior Golf Book and Breaking the Mold: The Journey of the Only Woman President of the United States Golf Association.

She has also been a correspondent for Golf World Magazine and a regular contributor to Golf Journal.

Early in her broadcast career, Glenn was a talk show host and presented the weather and news at WAVY-TV in Portsmouth/Norfolk/Newport News in the 1970s. She was so popular at WAVY that the city of Portsmouth renamed the street where the station was located in her honor.

Glenn lives in Roanoke, Texas.


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