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Riceland Foods, Inc.
Type agricultural marketing cooperative
Industry Agriculture
Founded 1921 (1921)
Headquarters Stuttgart, Arkansas, United States
Area served 60 countries
Key people 'Danny Kennedy', President and CEO
Products Rice, Soy, Wheat, Corn
Revenue $1.3 billion
Members 5,500
Employees 1,500
Website www.riceland.com

Riceland Foods, Inc., is a farmer-owned agricultural marketing cooperative and the world's largest miller and marketer of rice. The company was founded in 1921 with headquarters in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Riceland owns and operates seven rice mills including the largest rice mill in the world, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. It is estimated that two-thirds of Riceland’s business is based on delivering, milling, storing, marketing and distributing rice. The core purpose of this farmer-owned cooperative is to generate enhanced revenue and returns for its membership.[1]

Some commercially available products under the Riceland Rice label include milled white, brown and parboiled rice; and Rice 'N Easy Flavored Rice. The co-op also sells products to retailers, food service, and food manufacturing companies globally. Riceland also produces rice bran oil and rice flour, and offers rice bran and hulls to pet food makers and livestock farmers as feed ingredients and bedding.[2]

Riceland is also a major soybean processor in the Mississippi Delta region of the United States where milling, pressing, packaging and distribution occurs. It refines soybean and other vegetable oils for food service and food manufacturing companies. Soybean meal is sold primarily to the poultry and catfish industries. Riceland handles winter wheat, and limited quantities of corn, depending on the needs of its farmer-members.[3] Valuable organic gardening amenities like PBH (pasteurized rice hulls) and hull ash are superior, renewable, organic soil supplements that are perfect replacements for perlite and vermiculite. [4]

Each year, more than 1,500 employees receive, store, transport, process, and market more than 125 million total bushels of grain produced by its 5,500 farmer/owner members in Arkansas and Missouri.

Sales as of fiscal year end July 31[edit]

Year Revenue Reference
2007 $947 M [5]
2008 $1.23 B [6]
2009 $1.30 B [7]
2010 $1.10 B [8]
2011 $1.10 B [9]
2012 $1.15 B [10]
2013 $1.30 B

According to a Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis article,[11] Riceland is responsible for almost one-third of the U.S. rice crop.


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