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The Rich family was an influential noble family of England that held the peerage titles of Baron Rich, Earl of Warwick, Baron Kensington, Earl of Holland and Baronet Rich during a period spanning the 16th-18th centuries.

Family tree[edit]


Boxes with heavy borders follow the
progress of Rich titles.
Blue boxes indicate members of
the family granted a new title.

(Unknown) Richard Rich,
1st BR
Elizabeth Jenks
Ann or Jane Machell
(b. 1557)
Richard Rich
Robert Rich,
2nd BR
(c. 1537–1581)
Elizabeth Baldry
(Unknown)[a] Sir Nathaniel Rich
Honora Worlick Sir Edwin Rich
Robert Rich,
3rd BR,
1st EW
Penelope Devereux
Richard Rich
(d. 1580)
Catherine Knyvet
(1564–c. 1633)
Elizabeth Hampden Colonel Nathaniel Rich
(d. c. 1701)
Elizabeth Cholmeley
(d. 1694)
Sir Charles Rich,
1st Bt
(c. 1619–1677)
Sir Edwin Rich
Sir Robert Rich,
2nd Bt
(c. 1648–1699)
Mary Rich
(d. 1714)
Isabel Cope
(d. 1655)
Henry Rich,
1st BK, 1st EH
Robert Rich,
4th BR, 2nd EW
Frances Hatton
Isabella Rich
(b. c. 1590)
Elizabeth Griffith
(b. c. 1692–1773)
Sir Robert Rich,
4th Bt
Sir Charles Rich,
3rd Bt
(c. 1680–1706)
Mary Boyle,
Charles Rich,
6th BR, 4th EW
Robert Rich,
5th BR, 3rd EW
Lady Anne Rich
Edward Montagu,
2nd EM
Sir Robert Rich,
5th Bt
Sir George Rich,
6th Bt
Sir James Thynne
Lady Isabella Rich
(b. 1623)
Cope Rich[b]
Robert Rich,
7th BR, 5th EW,
2nd EH, 2nd BK
Lady Anne Montagu
(d. c. 1689)
Robert Montagu,
3rd Earl of
John Campbell,
1st EBH
Lady Mary Rich
Cope Rich[c]
(d. 1706)
Charlotte Myddleton
Edward Rich,
8th BR, 6th EW,
3rd EH, 3rd BK
Lady Elizabeth Rich
(d. 1725)
Francis Edwardes
(d. 1725)
Earls of
and Holland
(Campbell family)
Edward Rich,
10th BR, 8th EW, 5th EH, 5th BK
Edward Henry Rich,
9th BR, 7th EW,
4th EH, 4th BK
(d. 1721)
Barons Kensington
(Edwardes family)


  1. ^ The will of the Sir Nathaniel Rich appears to suggest that the younger Colonel Nathaniel Rich is his nephew.
  2. ^ Spouse not known
  3. ^ Spouse not known
  4. ^ Edward Rich had no children; consequently, all of the titles Baron Rich, Earl of Warwick, Baron Kensington and Earl of Holland expired on his death.

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