Richard B. Johnson

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Route 495 Software, LLC
Type Software
Founder(s) Richard B. Johnson


Danvers, US
Area served Global
Services Embedded software development
Website "A software solution provider within the I-495 beltway". 

Richard Brian Johnson is the author of the book Abominable Firebug (ISBN 0-595-38667-9) which presents his account of daily life at the Lyman School for Boys. Johnson invented the Rubber Ducky antenna[1] while attending the Lyman School for Boys. Johnson went on to a career as an engineer and inventor.[2] He also created the JMODEM file transfer protocol.[3] Mr. Johnson founded the Danvers, Massachusetts software company, Route 495 Software, LLC in early 2009.[4][5] Johnson is also an activist for Civil Rights issues, and has communicated with the President of the United States on issues involving General Aviation.[6] Johnson has continued to give talks to groups interested in learning about the nation's first reform school.[7]


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