Richard Boyce (bishop)

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The Right Reverend
Richard John Boyce
Retired Bishop, Diocese of the West, Reformed Episcopal Church
Church Anglican
In office 1986-2011
Other posts Vicar General, Diocese of Cascadia
Consecration June 26, 1986
by Bishop James Parker Dees[1]

Richard John Boyce is a retired bishop in the Anglican Church in North America and the Reformed Episcopal Church.[2] He was consecrated as a bishop by James Parker Dees in 1986,[3] and served as ordinary of the Diocese of the West in the Anglican Province of America until 2008, when he led most of the diocese into the Reformed Episcopal Church.[4][5] Boyce also served as vicar general of the Diocese of Cascadia during its formation.[6] He retired from diocesan ministry in both jurisdictions in 2011.


Religious titles
Preceded by
Diocese created
Vicar General of the Diocese of Cascadia
Succeeded by
Kevin Bond Allen
(first bishop)