Richard Dashut

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Richard Dashut
Richard Dashut and Mick Fleetwood in a studio in England.
Richard Dashut and Mick Fleetwood in an unknown studio located in England.
Background information
Birth name Richard Charles Dashut
Also known as Richard "Dick Dash" Dashut
Born (1951-09-19) September 19, 1951 (age 63)
Genres Rock, pop, country
Occupations Record producer, sound engineer, live sound mixing
Years active 1972–present
Associated acts Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, Bob Welch, George Harrison, Back To The Future, Altered Beast, Christine McVie, Matthew Sweet, Walter Egan, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Gary Busey

Richard Charles Dashut (born September 19, 1951) is a record producer who produced several Fleetwood Mac albums including Rumours, Tusk, Live, Mirage, Tango In The Night, and some of Time (but not credited), and later an album by Matthew Sweet, Altered Beast. Dashut also co-wrote several songs with Lindsey Buckingham including, Trouble,[1] Book Of Love,[2] & more during his time with Fleetwood Mac. Dashut was born in West Hollywood, California, and started his career sweeping floors in a recording studio where he later met Lindsey and Stevie. Keith Olsen hired Richard as a maintenance guy at Sound City and quickly became his second engineer on a few albums including Buckingham Nicks.[3]

Production discography[edit]

With Buckingham Nicks[edit]

Year Album US UK Additional information
1973 Buckingham Nicks 80 - Debut album featuring duo of Buckingham and partner Stevie Nicks. Both would later join Fleetwood Mac, after this album failed commercially and label Polydor dropped them as they were recording tracks for follow-up LP. Album finally made US#80 on brief 1982 re-release

With Fleetwood Mac[edit]


Year Album U. S. UK AUS CAN GER SWI AUT SWE FRA RIAA certification[4]
1977 Rumours 1 1 1 1 6 25 19 27 19× Platinum
1979 Tusk 4 1 2 2 3 4 8 6 2× Platinum
1982 Mirage 1 5 2 4 12 10 5 2× Platinum
1987 Tango in the Night 7 1 5 2 2 7 25 1 25 3× Platinum

Live albums and compilations[edit]

Year Album U. S. UK AUS CAN GER SWI AUT SWE FRA RIAA certifications
1980 Live 14 31 20 51 50 Gold
1988 Greatest Hits 14 3 3 18 15 8× Platinum
2002 The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac 12 6 16 18 Platinum

DVD and video releases[edit]

With Lindsey Buckingham[edit]

Year Album US UK SWE CAN Additional information
1981 Law and Order 32 - - - - 1992 Out of the Cradle 128 51 28 70

With Mick Fleetwood[edit]

Year Song Album Additional information
1981 The Visitor 43 Featured two Fleetwood Mac remakes – "Rattlesnake Shake" & "Walk A Thin Line"
1983 I'm Not Me Billed as "Mick Fleetwood's Zoo"

Soundtrack appearances[edit]

Year Song Soundtrack Additional information
1983 "Holiday Road", "Dancing Across the USA" National Lampoon's Vacation -
1985 "Time Bomb Town" Back to the Future -
"Trouble" Just One of the Guys




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