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Richard Everett (d. July 3, 1682) was a founder of both Springfield, Massachusetts and Dedham, Massachusetts and an ancestor of many notable Americans.

Richard Everett immigrated from County of Essex, England. On July 15, 1636 he and a party of settlers bought land from Indians on the Connecticut River at Agawan - now Springfield, Massachusetts. A month later he was at the first recorded meeting of the proprietors of Contentment, which the Massachusetts General Court later ordered to be called Dedham.[1] In the next two years he attended town meetings in both Springfield and Dedham, and was listed as a "trader."[2] In later years he was elected constable, surveyor and selectman in Dedham. He died July 3, 1682. Everett and his wife Mary Winch had six children, and he had five children from an earlier marriage. Notable descendants include Edward Everett, Edward Everett Hale, Horace Everett, Blair Fairchild, Will Bagley, Pat Bagley, Robert Dean Frisbie, Harold Osborn, Edward Davis Jones, David Josiah Brewer, William Mark Felt, Amos G. Throop, Sarah Palin, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, James Olds, Tom Seaver, Story Musgrave, Sam Shepard, Bradford Washburn, John Forbes Nash, Mike Lee[disambiguation needed], Rex Lee[disambiguation needed], Nicholas Longworth, Helen Keller, and perhaps Ginger Rogers. [3][4]


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