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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast and Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast are two comedy podcasts, created by and starring British comedian Richard Herring. The podcasts are based on interviews with a fellow comedian or comedians. The original Edinburgh Fringe podcast ran from 2011 to 2013,[1] and took place most days[2] for the duration of the Fringe, focusing on interviews with performers at the festival. They also contain short stand-up segments from Fringe performers. The Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, recorded at Leicester Square in London, began in 2012 and follows a similar format, with higher profile guests. It runs for a shorter series than the Edinburgh Fringe version, with weekly recordings.

Both podcasts are performed in front of a paying audience, but released for free download. The Leicester Square Theatre Podcast has won the Internet Award at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Chortle Awards,[3] and was the only non-BBC programme to be nominated for the comedy award at the 2013 Sony Radio Awards.[4] The show won a bronze award in the category, becoming the first internet-only award winner in this section.[5]

Several running jokes are featured in each show. A running joke across both podcasts is the attempt to title the podcasts with the pronunciation of the convoluted acronyms of the show e.g. 'RHLSTP'.[6]

Episode Guide[edit]

Edinburgh Fringe Podcast[edit]

Leicester Square Theatre Podcast[edit]

The Leicester Square Theatre Podcast was nominated for a Sony Award for Best Comedy alongside a list of BBC produced comedy shows in 2013.[8] It won the Bronze Award.[9] In the second interview of series three, with Stephen Fry, Fry revealed that had attempted to commit suicide. The story was reported across various newspapers and international news networks including the BBC and Sky News.[10][11] The Fifth interview of the same series with Russell Brand also came to some press attention several months after its release, the press focusing on Brand discussing pleasuring a man in a public toilet for his 2002 TV show RE:Brand.[12][13]

Series One and Two of the Leicester Square Theatre Podcast were released solely in audio format, with the exception of Stewart Lee's episode (#8) which was filmed. Initially released as a DVD Extra for Fist of Fun, Series Two - it later became downloadable its own release from indie comedy company Go Faster Stripe.

From Series Three onwards all episodes of the show were released in both audio format (as a free podcast) and video format (as a paid download) except from Mike Wozniak's bonus episode. The video version of the fourth series came with an additional download of the warm up for the Stephen Fry episode.