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Richard Hill
Bishop of London
Church Catholic
See Diocese of London
In office 1489–1496
Predecessor Thomas Kempe
Successor Thomas Savage
Personal details
Died 20 February 1496

Richard Hill (fl. 10 May 1486; died 20 February 1496)[1] was a medieval Bishop of London.

Hall was Archdeacon of Lewes from 1486,[2] until he was provided as Bishop of London on 21 August 1489 and consecrated on 15 November 1489. With a group of supporters around the Court of Arches, including Edward Vaughan, he attempted to undermine the prerogative powers of the Archbishop of Canterbury, at the time John Morton.[3]


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Further reading[edit]

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Thomas Kempe
Bishop of London
Succeeded by
Thomas Savage