Richard III of Gaeta

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Richard III (or Richard II, if Richard I of Capua is not counted) (died 1140), also known as Richard of Caleno, was the Count of Carinola last independent Duke of Gaeta, ruling from 1121 to his death. He was a son of Bartholomew of Carinola and a member of the Drengot family. From 1112 he was regent for his nephew, Jonathan; in 1121 he succeeded him. He did homage to Pope Gelasius II in Gaeta during the pope's refuge there in 1118.

He was independent until 1135, when he was compelled to do homage to the king of Sicily, Roger II. The homage, legium hominium et ligiam fedelitatem, was sworn to not only Roger, but his sons Roger and Alfonso as well. Thereafter, Richard was a vassal of the king. When he died, his duchy passed to the younger Roger.


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