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Richard Joseph Krejcir (born April 7, 1963, Salinas, California, United States) is an American evangelical Christian author, speaker, researcher and pastor. Krejcir has published many books, including his 2008 offering, The New Exodus: Why People Leave the Church and How to Invite Them Back (ISBN 0-595-48533-2), based on over 15 years of research and his doctoral dissertation.


Krejcir earned his undergraduate degrees from Monterey Peninsula College and San Jose State University, and his M.Div. and Ph.D. in Practical Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has also studied at Oxford and Kings College. From 1978 to 2001, he served as youth pastor at various churches including Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California, where he currently resides as a lay teaching pastor and missionary. He served as a researcher at the Charles E. Fuller Institute 1989-2004. He also pastors Journey Fellowship in Pasadena. In 2001 he took over the reins of Into Thy Word Ministries[1] as director, his current role there coincides with his position as Theologian at The Francis Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership,[2] where he does long term postgraduate level research on church trends and exegetical research. Krejcir is also one of the original developers of the Purpose Driven model of ministry in the 1980s.[citation needed]

Krejcir has been teaching Inductive Bible Study principles at camps, conferences and churches all over the world since 1978. He does this to give people opportunities and tools so they can learn how to gain those life-impacting insights from the Bible. Richard was been personally discipled by his uncle, Francis A. Schaeffer, and has been mentored by Walter Martin and Ralph Winter.[citation needed]


A central theme of Krejcir's teaching and books is Discipleship and Spiritual Formation, the transformation of human character and maturity through authentic knowledge and experiences with God. Krejcir teaches an authentic relationship with God is the utmost of reason and necessity to lead and grow a faith, a fellowship, build healthy relationships and form ones character.

The essential to the Christian’s walk of faith, which Krejcir strives to the fullest to obey and practice daily:

A caring, effective love relationship with Jesus Christ as LORD. A lifestyle dedicated to obeying God’s Will. Daily devotional times, prayer, and studying of God’s Word. A joyful love and willingness to serve our Lord, even through personal sacrifice. A witness for Christ without hypocrisy. A firm desire to be God’s child through trust and obedience. A working faith in God’s promises for all daily needs and in all situations.

Krejcir has warned the church against chasing trends and the pressures of watering down the Gospel as a way to grow a church. Krejcir maintains one must never compromise the Message to gain new converts. Because the converts you get and not worth having. The point is to know Christ and apply what ones has learned to remain committed to find the time for Christ, how to be His disciple, and how to understand His Word better.


Krejcir has been a featured speaker on authentic church growth, Discipleship, Biblical Exegetical Methods, Inductive Bible Study and Social Media research trends at many events, including

  • Gospel Communication Conferences
  • Christian Management and Training Conferences, 1991–2012
  • Into Thy Word Pastors Conferences


  • All about Small Groups! How to Start and Lead Small Groups in your Church with His Power and Purpose!, 2011 (ISBN 1468111388)
  • The New Exodus: Why People Leave the Church and How to Invite Them Back, 2008 (ISBN 0-595-48533-2)
  • Net-Work! Learn to Build the Net of Faith to Catch Others For the Faith!, 2006 (ISBN 1424124697)
  • The Field Guide to Healthy Relationships, 2005 (ISBN 1413771793)
  • Into Thy Word: A Simple, Easy to Learn 'How Too' Guide to Better Understand the Bible and What God Has to Say to Us, 2000 (ISBN 0595148735)


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