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Richard Mooney is a journalist and writer from Glasgow, Scotland. He obtained a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from the University of the West of Scotland (previously Bell College of Technology). Upon graduating in 2007, Mooney worked as a content producer for Trinity Mirror’s local Scottish newspapers until 2008, when he became a multimedia journalist for the company.

On April 14 2009, he was the first journalist to interview Susan Boyle on camera. During the course of the interview Mooney poses to Boyle, “How did your cat take the news?” to which she laughs and replies, “Oh you know, the usual cat way.” [1]The video, produced for the West Lothian Courier, had over five million views as of November, 2010. It was honored as one of YouTube’s Most Memorable Videos of 2009.[2]

Other productions by Mooney include the Lanarkshire web series, which produced documentaries on the Ravenscraig steel mill, New Lanark, Summerlee Heritage Museum, and David Livingstone. Mooney was also the last person to interview boxer and radio DJ Freddie Mack on camera before he died in early 2009. He has also written for various news websites and produced a wide variety of news, lifestyle, sports and documentary videos. Mooney left the employ of Trinity Mirror in September 2010 and moved to the Middle East, then East Asia in 2012 for career and study.


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