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Richard B. Norgaard is Professor Emeritius of Energy and Resources at the University of California, Berkeley, the chair of the Independent Science Board of CALFED (California Bay-Delta Authority),[1] and a founding member and former president of the International Society for Ecological Economics.[2] He is a lead author of the 5th Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and a recipient of the Kenneth E. Boulding Memorial Award for recognition of advancements in research combining social theory and the natural sciences.[3] Norgaard is considered one of the founders of and a continuing leader in the field of ecological economics.[4][5]


Norgaard was born on August 18, 1943 in Washington D. C., and raised in the Bay Area of California. His commitment to and involvement in the environmental movement began when he served as a river guide to David Brower, then Executive Director of the Sierra Club, for the Glen Canyon stretch of the Colorado River in the early 1960s.[6] Since 2000, Norgaard has been seen wearing only black colored attire, a silent yet visible protest against the environmental conservatism of the prevailing political leadership in the United States. He has four children and is married to Nancy A. Rader.[7]

Academic career[edit]

Norgaard received his B.A. in economics from University of California, Berkeley, a M.S. in agricultural economics from Oregon State University, and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. Norgaard has been involved in the interdisciplinary Energy and Resources Group at U.C. Berkeley since its founding as a graduate program in the early 1970s and was later fully integrated as a member of its core faculty in the 1980s. He has been a professor at the University of California, Berkeley for over 40 years, more recently teaching courses in ecological economics; history of economics; and the history, science, and politics of California's water. His research scholarship has been an eclectic mix of sociology, economics, philosophy, and the natural sciences. He is well known for his iconoclast perspectives of conventional economics, stemming from a strong commitment to interdisciplinarity and social justice.

Norgaard is a lead author of the 5th Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and serves on the International Panel on Sustainable Resource Management of the United Nations Environment Programme. He is on the editorial board of Elsevier's journal Ecological Economics.[8] In 2006, Norgaard was awarded the Kenneth Boulding Memorial Award for "expanding transdisciplinary approaches to knowledge, promoting pluralism, and forging a coevolutionary approach to economy, society, and the environment in the spirit of the open and inquisitive mind that was the hallmark of Boulding's work."[7] He was selected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2007.[9]

Selected publications[edit]


  • Norgaard, Richard B. (1994). Development Betrayed: The End of Progress and a Coevolutionary Revisioning of the Future. London and New York. Routledge.[10]
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  • Dryzek, John, David Schlosberg, and Richard Norgaard. (eds). (2011). The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society. Oxford University Press. Oxford.

Journal articles[edit]

  • Sneddon, Christopher, Richard B. Howarth, and Richard B. Norgaard. (2006). Sustainable Development in a Post-Brundtland World. Ecological Economics 57(2): 253-68.
  • Norgaard, Richard B., and Xuemei Liu. (2007). Market Governance Failure. Ecological Economics. 60(3): 634-641.
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  • Norgaard, Richard B. (2010). Ecosystem Services: From Eye-Opening Metaphor to Complexity Blinder. Ecological Economics 69(6): 1219–1227.


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