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Photo of the Richard Pratt Cup. Taken April 2010 at Westpac Centre.

The Richard Pratt Cup is a trophy awarded to the winning team in annual games between AFL clubs Collingwood and Carlton.


The Richard Pratt Trophy is named after Richard Pratt, former Carlton president, following Pratt's death in April 2009 due to complications from prostate cancer.[1] The match in which the game is played serves as a fundraising event for the Pratt Foundation.


The first Richard Pratt Cup match was played on Round 17, 2009, and has been contested annually since. Carlton and Collingwood will always play two home-and-away matches against each other, and the Carlton home match is always designated as the Richard Pratt Cup match.[2] The trophy is won by the club which wins this match.

The Collingwood home match between the two clubs each season is played to contest the Peter Mac Cup, which is a similar event which raises funds for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

The presentation of the trophy takes place in the rooms after the game.


Year Round Winner Collingwood Score Carlton Score Attendance Venue
2009 17 Collingwood 14.10 (94) 4.16 (40) 84,938 MCG
2010 6 Collingwood 24.11 (155) 17.6 (108) 80,645 MCG
2011 17 Collingwood 13.20 (98) 11.13 (79) 85,936 MCG
2012 3 Carlton 9.8 (62) 18.14 (122) 84,259 MCG
2013 15 Collingwood 17.16 (118) 12.5 (77) 78,224 MCG
2014 7 Collingwood 14.20 (104) 10.10 (70) 68,251 MCG

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