Richard Reynell (knight)

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Sir Richard Reynell or Reynolds, of Pyttney or Peteneya (Pitney today), in the county of Somerset, flourished in the reigns of Henry II and Richard I.

During the absence of Richard I of England in the Holy Land, had the custody of the castle Exeter and Launceston delivered into his hands, 1191. These castles he stoutly defended against John, Count of Mortain, the king's brother, who in the monarch's absence endeavoured to usurp the sovereign power. On the death of Richard, and the accession of John, the latter remembering the part which this Richard Reynell had taken against him, deprived him of his estates at Pyttney. This Sir Richard Reynolds was High Sheriff of Devon from 1191 to 1194. He was succeeded by his son: Sir Richard Reynolds, knt. of Pyttney. His descendants settled at East Ogwell in Devonshire; one branch of the family became the Reynell Baronets.