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Richard "Rick" Rios is a conservative political activist who has worked with several state and national organizations to promote small government, and lower taxes. He has been an active force in potential anti-LGBTQ initiatives in California and has authored multiple state referenda to limit, reduce, or eliminate the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.[1] He is the chairperson of the Committee to Overturn California SB48, the FAIR Education Act[2]

Personal History[edit]

Rios is the son of Jess Frank Rios and Susan Diane Roland. His father immigrated to the United States from Mexico and his mother is the granddaughter of George K. Scovel, who was a local judge.[3] He and his 3 brothers, grew up on ranches in Bowie, Arizona,[4] where his father was a patrol officer.

Civic Work[edit]

He was part of a six member Calvary Chapel chaplain team that was the first admitted into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The team established a community relationship with Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, where a mission network fed thousands after Katrina.[5]

During wildfires across Orange and Riverside counties in Southern California in 2008, he assisted his church's disaster relief effort to provide meals to first responders.[citation needed]


After graduating from high school, Rios obtained a bachelors degree in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.[6] He continued his education at National University, where he received a masters degree in Electronic Commerce and Marketing.[7] He withdrew from doctoral studies at Capella University in late 2007 to serve as California political director to Sen. Fred Thompson's short-lived bid for the Republican nomination in the 2008 presidential election.[citation needed]

Political Involvement[edit]

2003 - Appointed to the Brea, California Housing Board.[8]

2004 - Appointed to the Brea, California Senior Advisory Board[citation needed]

2007 - Reappointed to the Brea, California Housing Board[9]

2007 - Political Director, Senator Fred Thompson presidential campaign[citation needed]

2007 - Elected president of the Yorba Ranch unit of the California Republican Assembly.[10]

2008 - Elected California state chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.[11]

2008 - California State Faith Chair, Senator John McCain presidential campaign[citation needed]

2008 - Elected Orange County California Republican Central Committee Member[12]