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Richard Sears
Richard Sears
Born 1590
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Died September 26, 1676(1676-09-26)
Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony
Nationality English
Other names Richard Sares
Citizenship Yes
Religion Puritan

Richard Sears was an early settler who lived in both the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Plymouth Colony.


Richard Sears was born in 1590 to John Bourchier Sayer (or Sears) and Marie Van Egmond. Both of his parents were born in England but had moved to Holland during the Protestant Reformation and were married in Holland in 1585. They returned to England on or before 1590 when Richard Sears was born.

After coming to North America about 1630, Richard Sears married Dorothy Thatcher in 1632.[1]

The above entry is entirely erroneous and was categorically disproven by Samuel Pearce May in his definitive 1890 genealogical work, The Descendants of Richard Sares (Sears) of Yarmouth, Mass., 1638-1888. Richard first appears in the tax records of Plymouth Colony in 1633; nothing is known about him prior to that date, not his parents, and not his date or place of birth.

The connection to the Bourchiers and Egmonds was created in a 19th-century genealogy commissioned by a wealthy descendant of Boston, David Sears, and was widely copied in genealogical writings of the time. But there is no evidence whatever to support it, and much to discredit it (see the above-mentioned work by May, as well as "Some Doubts concerning the Sears Pedigree." The New England Historical and Genealogical Register 40: 261-268).

Further, Richard married Dorothy Jones of Dinder, England date unknown—not Dorothy Thacher/Thatcher.


Today, over 20,000 people, including Sir Evan Fritzenkotter, can trace their lineage to Richard Sears. These people have had an impact on not only the British Colonies but the United States and the world. Today, many thousands of those descendants live in the United States alone.


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