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Richard Thompson discography

Thompson performing in Brooklyn, New York in 2007
Studio albums 20
Live albums 14
Singles 16

The discography of Richard Thompson, an English singer/songwriter and guitarist, consists of 14 solo studio albums, two live albums and 16 singles, in addition to six studio albums credited to Richard and Linda Thompson and five studio albums as a member of Fairport Convention. He has also appeared as a guest musician on the albums of a number of other artists.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Title Credited to Chart positions
UK[1] U.S.[2]
1972 Henry the Human Fly Richard Thompson
1974 I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight Richard and Linda Thompson
1974 Hokey Pokey Richard and Linda Thompson
1975 Pour Down Like Silver Richard and Linda Thompson
1978 First Light Richard and Linda Thompson
1979 Sunnyvista Richard and Linda Thompson
1982 Shoot Out the Lights Richard and Linda Thompson
1983 Hand of Kindness Richard Thompson
1985 Across a Crowded Room Richard Thompson 80 102
1986 Daring Adventures Richard Thompson 92 142
1988 Amnesia Richard Thompson 89 182
1991 Rumor and Sigh Richard Thompson 32
1994 Mirror Blue Richard Thompson 23 109
1996 You? Me? Us? Richard Thompson 32 97
1999 Mock Tudor Richard Thompson 28
2003 The Old Kit Bag Richard Thompson 52 121
2005 Front Parlour Ballads Richard Thompson 54 197
2007 Sweet Warrior Richard Thompson 39 111
2010 Dream Attic Richard Thompson 20 83
2013 Electric Richard Thompson 16 75

Live albums[edit]

Released Title Credited to Recorded UK
1984 Small Town Romance Richard Thompson 1981 & 1982
2005 Live from Austin, TX Richard Thompson 2001
2007 In Concert, November 1975 Richard and Linda Thompson 1975
2011 Live at the BBC Richard Thompson featuring Linda Thompson 137

Fan club and boutique label releases[edit]

Released Title Credited to Recorded
1981 Strict Tempo! Richard Thompson 1981
1995 Live at Crawley Richard Thompson with Danny Thompson 1993
1996 Two Letter Words: Live 1994 Richard Thompson Band 1994
1998 Celtschmerz: Live in the UK ‘98 Richard Thompson 1998
2002 Semi-Detached Mock Tudor Richard Thompson Band 1999
2003 More Guitar Richard Thompson Band 1988
2003 1000 Years of Popular Music Richard Thompson 2002
2003 Ducknapped! Richard Thompson Band 2003
2004 Faithless Richard Thompson 1985
2004 The Chrono Show Richard Thompson 2004
2009 Live Warrior Richard Thompson 2007
2012 Cabaret of Souls Richard Thompson 2009
2014 Acoustic Classics Richard Thompson 2013-14


Year Title Credited to
1976 (guitar, vocal) Richard Thompson
1976 Live! (more or less) Richard Thompson
1985 Doom and Gloom From the Tomb, V1 Richard Thompson
1991 Doom & Gloom II (Over My Dead Body) Richard Thompson
1993 Watching the Dark Richard Thompson
2000 The Best of Richard & Linda Thompson: The Island Record Years Richard and Linda Thompson
2001 Action Packed Richard Thompson
2006 RT - The Life and Music of Richard Thompson Richard Thompson
2009 Walking On a Wire Richard Thompson


With Linda Thompson[edit]

Year Song Chart positions Album
1974 "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight" I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
1975 "Hokey Pokey" Hokey Pokey
1978 "Don't Let a Thief Steal Your Heart" First Light
1979 "Georgie on a Spree" Sunnyvista
1982 "Don't Renege On Our Love" Shoot Out the Lights


Year Song Chart positions Album
UK US Alt. Rock[3]
1983 "The Wrong Heartbeat" Hand of Kindness
1984 "Tear Stained Letter"
1985 "When the Spell is Broken" Across a Crowded Room
"You Don't Say"
1986 "Valerie" Daring Adventures
"Nearly in Love"
1988 "Turning of the Tide" 30 Amnesia
1989 "Reckless Kind"
1991 "I Feel So Good" 15 Rumor and Sigh
"Read About Love"
1994 "I Can't Wake Up to Save My Life" Mirror Blue
"Easy There, Steady Now"
1996 "Dark Hand Over My Heart" You? Me? Us
1999 "Crawl Back (Under My Stone)" Mock Tudor
2003 "She Said It Was Destiny" The Old Kit Bag
2007 "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" Sweet Warrior
2013 "Good Things Happen to Bad People" Electric
"Salford Sunday"
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.


Soundtrack albums on which a Richard Thompson recording or composition are included are not shown here. Listed here are soundtracks in which Thompson was involved in the actual recording.

Year Title
1987 The Marksman (Music from the BBC TV Series)
1989 Hard Cash
1991 Sweet Talker
2005 Grizzly Man

With Fairport Convention[edit]

Only albums recorded whilst Richard Thompson was a member of Fairport Convention are listed here. For more details of Fairport Convention's album releases see Fairport Convention discography

Studio albums[edit]

Year Title
1968 Fairport Convention
1969 What We Did on Our Holidays
1969 Unhalfbricking
1969 Liege and Lief
1970 Full House

Live albums[edit]

Released Title Recorded
1976 Live at the L.A. Troubadour 1970
1982 Moat on the Ledge 1981
1986 House Full 1970
1987 Heyday: The BBC Radio Sessions 1968 & 1969


Albums on which Thompson has guested or worked as a session musician are not shown here. Listed here are albums on which Thompson played a significant creative role in the group or on the recording.

Year Title Credited to
1972 Rock On The Bunch
1972 Morris On Morris On
1978 Rise Up Like the Sun Albion Band
1987 Live, Love, Larf & Loaf French Frith Kaiser Thompson
1990 Invisible Means French Frith Kaiser Thompson
1997 Industry Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson
1998 The Bones of All Men Mr Philip Pickett with Mr Richard Thompson and the Fairport Rhythm Section

As a guest or session musician[edit]

Year Title Artist
1969 Five Leaves Left Nick Drake
1969 Love Chronicles Al Stewart
1970 Bryter Layter Nick Drake
1971 Smiling Men with Bad Reputations Mike Heron
1971 The North Star Grassman and the Ravens Sandy Denny
1971 No Roses Shirley Collins
1972 Sandy Sandy Denny
1973 Rosie Fairport Convention
1974 Like an Old Fashioned Waltz Sandy Denny
1974 John Cale John Cale
1977 Rendezvous Sandy Denny
1980 Night Owl Gerry Rafferty
1981 The Sound of the Sand David Thomas
1981 Voices Murray Head
1981 Teddy Boys Don't Knit Vivian Stanshall
1983 Variations on a Theme David Thomas
1983 Proof Through the Night T-Bone Burnett
1985 Visions of Excess The Golden Palominos
1985 Gladys' Leap Fairport Convention
1986 Expletive Delighted! Fairport Convention
1986 Supply and Demand Dagmar Krause
1988 Temple of Low Men Crowded House
1989 Therapy Loudon Wainwright III
1989 Surprise Syd Straw
1990 Michael Doucet & Cajun Brew Michael Doucet
1991 Luck of the Draw Bonnie Raitt
1991 Drunk with Passion The Golden Palominos
1992 99.9F° Suzanne Vega
1992 Fat City Shawn Colvin
1994 Amplified Heart Everything but the Girl
1994 Longing in Their Hearts Bonnie Raitt
1996 Norma Waterson Norma Waterson
1997 Who Knows Where the Time Goes? Fairport Convention
1999 The Very Thought of You Norma Waterson
2002 Evangeline Made: A Tribute to Cajun Music Various artists, produced by Ann Savoy
2002 Fashionably Late Linda Thompson
2003 12 Arrows Judith Owen
2003 Go Tell It on the Mountain The Blind Boys of Alabama
2003 So Damn Happy Loudon Wainwright III
2004 The Ride Los Lobos
2005 Lost and Found Judith Owen
2005 Separate Ways Teddy Thompson
2007 South of Delia Richard Shindell
2007 Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John Peter Case
2007 Strange Weirdos Loudon Wainright III
2007 Happy This Way Judith Owen
2012 20 Kate Rusby
2013 Won't Be Long Now Linda Thompson
2014 Tell 'Em I'm Gone Yusuf

DVDs and videos[edit]

Released Title Credited to Recorded Format
1985 Across a Crowded Room Richard Thompson 1985 VHS, Laserdisc
2004 Live in Providence The Richard Thompson Band 2003 DVD
2005 Live From Austin, TX Richard Thompson 2001 DVD
2006 1,000 Years of Popular Music Richard Thompson 2005 DVD, with 2 audio CDs
2011 Live at the BBC Richard Thompson featuring Linda Thompson 1975 to 1985 DVD (box set, also with 3 CDs)
2012 Live at Celtic Connections The Richard Thompson Band 2011 DVD

Instructional tapes and discs[edit]

Released Title Credited to Format
1983 The Electric Mandolin 1 and 2: Mandolin Theory, Technique, & Improvisation Niles Hokkanen and Richard Thompson Cassette
1991 Rock Guitar: A Guide from the Greats Ron Wood, Michael Schenker, Richard Thompson and John Wilson VHS
1998 Richard Thompson Teaches Traditional Guitar Instrumentals Richard Thompson CD & book
2001 The Guitar of Richard Thompson Richard Thompson CD & book