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Sir Richard Tilt (born 11 March 1944) is the independent chair of the Internet Watch Foundation. He was appointed knight of honour during 1999.[1][2]


He has participated as governors and Director general of HM Queen Elizabeth II prison service, and was appointed as Social Fund Commissioner for Great Britain and Northern Ireland in December 2000 and served in this (part-time) post until 2010. He was also elected to chair the Social Security Advisory Committee, beginning January 1, 2004, subsequently re-elected to the same for the same period (until 31 December 2009) [3]

Was chair of a review of security in high security prisons of England and Wales, after the Fallon (et al) report of 1999. Sir Tilt and others suggested an increase in security to the suggestions made by Faulk in 1985,making 86 recommendations of which all were accepted by the government.[4]

He has held chair positions of one National Health service Trust, and two authorities.[5]

Appointed independent chair of the Internet Watch Foundation during 2012.[6]

Other responsibilities[edit]

He was governor of De Montfort University from 2001 to 2010.[7]