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Richard W. Miller is a political philosopher and the Wyn and William Y. Hutchinson Professor in Ethics and Public Life at Cornell University. He is also the Director of the Program on Ethics and Public Life in the Cornell University Department of Philosophy. Miller received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1975. His dissertation, "Solipsism and Language in the Writings of Wittgenstein," was directed by Rogers Albritton and Hilary Putnam. While he currently specializes in social and political philosophy, Miller has published books and articles on epistemology, philosophy of science, and ethics. Recently he has been writing a book on global justice entitled Globalizing justice: the ethics of poverty and power.[1] He believes there is an ethical duty to aid needy compatriots over more needy foreigners because otherwise the trust between the domestic poor and domestic rich would be undermined, and the domestic poor would not consent to their situation.

He is the author of "Marx and Aristotle", in Alex Callinicos's Marxist Theory as well as of several books, including Moral Differences: Truth, Justice, and Conscience in a World of Conflict (Princeton, 1992), Fact and Method: Explanation, Confirmation, and Reality in the Natural and the Social Sciences (Princeton, 1987), and Analyzing Marx: Morality, Power, and History (Princeton, 1984).


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