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Richard Watson (born 1961) is an English writer, lecturer and scenario planner known for his 2007 book Future Files and his graphic representations of trends, especially his Trends & Technology Timeline 2010-2050. His primary focus is human-technology interactions.

He has written 4 books on the future,[1] and is the founder of What’s Next, an online magazine that offers a commentary on trends in business, science and technology, society, government and the environment and is co-founder of Futures House Europe, a specialist Scenario Planning consultancy. He has been an blogger on innovation for Fast Company magazine and has written for a number of other publications worldwide such as Future Orientation (Denmark), What Matters (US), Online Banking Review (Aus) and Courier Mail (Aus). Watson lectures regularly in the Executive Education Programmes at London Business School.


  • Future Files: A Brief History of the Next 50 Years, Melbourne : Scribe Publications, 2007; London ; Boston, MA : Nicholas Brealey, 2007
    • also published in Hungarian by HVG Kiado, Korean by Chung Rim Publishing, Turkish by Yakamoz Yayinevi, Croatian by Alfa D.D., Lithuanian by Verslo Zinios, Portuguese by (Caleidoscopio), Arabic by Kalima, Indonesian by Ufuk Press, Russian by Eksmo, Bulgarian by Locus, Czech by Computer Press, Thai by True Digital & Media Company.
  • 2010 Future Minds: How the Digital Age is Changing Our Minds, Why this Matters and What We Can Do About It (Nicholas Brealey Publishing),
  • 2012 Future Vision: Scenarios for the World in 2040 (Scribe Publishing)
  • 2012 The Future: 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know (Quercus Science).


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