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Richard Edward Wormser (February 2, 1908, New York City, New York – July, 1977, Tumacacori, Arizona) was a prolific American writer of pulp fiction, detective fiction, screenplays, and Westerns, some of it written using the pseudonym of Ed Friend. He is estimated to have written 300 short stories, 200 novelettes, 12 books, many screenplays and stories turned into screenplays and a cookbook Southwest Cookery or At Home on the Range.

Literary accomplishments[edit]

After graduating from Princeton University he became a prolific writer of pulp fiction under his own name, the pen name of Conrad Gerson, and wrote seventeen Nick Carter novels for Street and Smith.[1]

Wormser's first crime fiction novel was The Man with the Wax Face in 1934. His first Western novel was The Lonesome Quarter in 1951.[2]

Hollywood purchased several of his stories beginning with his It's All in the Racket filmed as Sworn Enemy in 1936. Columbia Pictures signed him for a short term writing contract in 1937.[3] He was fired, then rehired by Columbia and worked for several other studios. Columbia once couldn't make up its mind between buying two of his stories, The Frame Up or Right Guy. The studio at last decided on Right Guy but filmed it under the title of The Frame Up.

During World War II he served as a forest ranger.

Wormser won Western Spur Awards for juvenile fiction in 1964 for Ride a Northbound Horse and in 1971 for The Black Mustanger.[4] He also won an Edgar award for best paperback The Intruder in 1973.


Wormser authored several novelisations of films

and four novels based on TV series, three as "Ed Friend":

and one as Richard Wormser:


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