Richie Gecko

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Richie Gecko
From Dusk till Dawn character
Richie Gecko.jpg
Richie Gecko in From Dusk till Dawn
First appearance From Dusk till Dawn
Last appearance FDtD: The Series
Created by Quentin Tarantino
Robert Kurtzman
Portrayed by Quentin Tarantino (films)
Zane Holtz (TV series)
Gender Male
Occupation Criminal
Relatives Seth Gecko (brother)

Richard "Richie" Gecko is the name of two fictional characters in the From Dusk till Dawn film series. The original Richie Gecko is one of the main protagonists in the 1996 film From Dusk Till Dawn. A nerdy, obnoxious, even-shorter-fused, psychopath; that only his brother, Seth Gecko (a cool, suave, short-fused, sociopathic anti-hero), could even stand. He was portrayed by Quentin Tarantino on film, and an alternate version of the character is portrayed by Zane Holtz on TV.[1]

Film series universe[edit]

There is not much information regarding Richie's back story. From Dusk till Dawn tells the story of the Gecko Brothers right after their latest botched bank-robbery/kidnapping attempt. After fleeing to Mexico, they unexpectedly cross paths with a sect of vampires using a strip club as a feeding ground. Richie has a chance to bond with his brother, before his insane antics catch up with him and results in an untimely "death". Richie returns to life as an undead zombie-like blood sucker. Seth is then left with the task of putting his brother's evil-possessed carcass out of its misery. The Gecko brothers are mentioned in From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. Bo Hopkins references Edgar McGraw's cold demeanor and distracted nature: "Oh, them Gecko brothers killed his daddy." The Gecko brothers briefly appear in a photo cameo in the black comedy Curdled. In additional, Katie Houge, news reporter from the first film, appears, again portrayed by Kelly Preston.

Television series universe[edit]

In late 2013, it was reported that a parallel universe TV series had begun production.[2] This incarnation of Richie will be played by Zane Holtz. Mixing ideals from the original first and third films, the show pits the humans, led by Seth, who will be played by D.J. Cotrona against the vampires, led by the wicked Santanico Pandemonium, played by Eiza Gonzalez and Sheriff McGraw, played by Don Johnson. This series stars Robert Patrick, as Jacob Fuller.[3]