Richmond, New Zealand

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This article is about the town in the Tasman region. For the Christchurch suburb, see Richmond, Canterbury.
The main street of Richmond, New Zealand
The main street of Richmond, New Zealand
Richmond is located in New Zealand
Coordinates: 41°20′S 173°11′E / 41.333°S 173.183°E / -41.333; 173.183Coordinates: 41°20′S 173°11′E / 41.333°S 173.183°E / -41.333; 173.183
Country New Zealand
Region Tasman
Territorial authority Tasman District
Richmond seen from the air, showing its close connection to Nelson at the right.

Richmond, the seat of the Tasman District Council, lies 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) south of Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand, close to the southern extremity of Tasman Bay. The town was named by early settlers after Richmond on Thames near London. The census conducted on 6 March 2006 counted more than 14,000 residents.[1]

Although Richmond lies outside the boundaries of Nelson City, it forms part of the Nelson Urban Area for statistical purposes, and New Zealanders informally consider it part of Greater Nelson or the "Top of the South". The two unitary authorities co-operate for tourism-marketing purposes via "Latitude Nelson".

During the period, 1853 to 1876, Richmond was administrated as part of the Nelson Province.

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