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Rick Priestley is a miniature wargaming designer[1] and author who lives near Nottingham, England.


Rick Priestley, with Bryan Ansell and Richard Halliwell, designed the miniatures game Warhammer Fantasy Battle for Games Workshop.[2]:47 The idea of the Black Library evolved under the guidance of Priestley, Andy Jones, and Marc Gascoigne into the magazine Inferno! which debuted in July 1997.[2]:50 Priestley also designed the large-scale combat game Warmaster (2000).[2]:50

Rick left Games Workshop in November 2010. He is now co-owner of Warlord Games,[1] and also does consulting work on a freelance basis. He is an associate at River Horse Games.[3]

At the end of 2011 he was elected to the committee of the Society of Ancients.[1] In December 2012 he announced plans to launch a new science fiction game The Gates of Antares [4] with funding raised through Kickstarter.


Priestley worked extensively for Games Workshop. He is credited with authoring or co-authoring the following games:

Since joining Warlord Games, he has authored or co-authored the following games:

  • Black Powder (with Jervis Johnson and John Stallard) [14]
  • Hail Caesar [15]
  • Bolt Action (With Alessio Cavatore)


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