Ricoh Black Rams

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Ricoh Black Rams
Full name Ricoh Black Rams
Union Japan Rugby Football Union
Nickname(s) Black Rams
Founded 1953
Location Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Ground(s) Ricoh Kinuta Ground
Coach(es) Australia Damien Hill
Team kit
2nd kit

Ricoh Black Rams is a Japanese rugby union team in the Top League. Placed 10th in the 2004-5 season which meant it had to win a play-off against one of the top regional teams to stay in the league, as it did.

Slogan for 2006 season: TAFU ("Tough" in English). The acronym stands for Team, Aggression, Faith, Unity.

In January 2008 it was announced that Stephen Larkham will be joining the team next season, but the team was relegated back to the Japan East League where Larkham will begin his career in Japan. In April 2008 Todd Louden was announced as head coach, to be assisted by Pote Human (Daily Yomiuri, April 26, 2008).



February 13. Ricoh Black Rams v Toyota Jido Shokki - placed third in the Top League Challenge Series.


Current Squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national union as has been defined under IRB eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-IRB nationality.

Player Position Union
Yoshiyuki Takizawa Hooker Japan Japan
Yuuki Mori Hooker Japan Japan
Akiyoshi Kawaguchi Hooker Japan Japan
Masahiro Noguchi Hooker Japan Japan
Hideaki Takahashi Prop Japan Japan
Yuusuke Nagae Prop Japan Japan
Yuuta Ito Prop Japan Japan
Daisuke Kuwabara Prop Japan Japan
Kazuhiro Shibata Prop Japan Japan
Kei Sumita Prop Japan Japan
Yuusuke Inoue Prop Japan Japan
Yuusuke Matsumoto Prop Japan Japan
Emosi Kauhenga Lock Tonga Tonga
Mitsuki Sakamoto Lock Japan Japan
Tomohiro Oinuma Lock Japan Japan
Takeshi Mabuchi Lock Japan Japan
Daichi Ooyama Lock Japan Japan
Kenta Yamamoto Lock Japan Japan
Daiki Yanagawa Lock Japan Japan
Ryouta Ai Flanker Japan Japan
Rikiya Kawakami Flanker Japan Japan
Kouji Ai Flanker Japan Japan
Kazuhiro Moriya Flanker Japan Japan
Takeru Yoshizawa Flanker Japan Japan
Gen Kakurai Flanker Japan Japan
Youngdae Kim Flanker Japan Japan
Hiroyuki Moriyama Number 8 Japan Japan
Rocky Havili Number 8 New Zealand New Zealand
Michael Broadhurst Number 8 New Zealand New Zealand
Hale T-Pole Number 8 Tonga Tonga
Youngdae Kim Flanker Japan Japan
Colin Bourke Number 8 New Zealand New Zealand
Player Position Union
Naotaka Yuasa Scrum-half Japan Japan
Wataru Ikeda Scrum-half Japan Japan
Yuuta Gotoh Scrum-half Japan Japan
Takashi Kamio Scrum-half Japan Japan
Masatoshi Nakamura Scrum-half Japan Japan
Yoshimitsu Kawano Fly-half Japan Japan
Riki Flutey Fly-half England England
Hikaru Iwata Fly-half Japan Japan
Ryou Tokunaga Fly-half Japan Japan
Ryoh Kanazawa Centre Japan Japan
Fumiya Santoh Centre Japan Japan
Akihiro Shigemi Centre Japan Japan
Kazuki Kohama Centre Japan Japan
Wynand Olivier Centre South Africa South Africa
Akihiro Shioyama Centre Japan Japan
Daisuke Komatsu Wing Japan Japan
Shinsuke Ikegami Wing Japan Japan
Shouri Hoshino Wing Japan Japan
Shin-ichi Yokoyama Wing Japan Japan
Ken-ichi Yokoyama Wing Japan Japan
Roy Kinikinilau Wing Japan Japan
Genki Hasegawa Wing Japan Japan
Marc Le Wing New Zealand New Zealand
Yuusuke Kobuki Fullback Japan Japan
Shouta Tsuda Fullback Japan Japan
Daniel Peters Fullback New Zealand New Zealand


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