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Ridge Radio is a Canadian Internet radio station. From the summer of 2002 to 2006 it also broadcast at 90.7 on the FM radio dial in Oakville, Ontario as a low-power community announcement service with its official call sign of VEK565.

The station's sound and programming are inspired by Laser 558, a European pirate radio station in the 1980s. Ridge Radio even took some of its style, including some music and the signature "laser shot" sound, from LASER558. The Laser shot mimics the Morse code letter "K" which in old marine communications used to mean "I want to communicate with you", a concept that forms an integral part of community radio.

Ridge Radio has resumed broadcasting as an LPAS (low power) station at 90.7FM as of August 2010 from the campus of Sheridan College with a test signal. The station will resume full-time programming in 2011 based on work from the media arts students at Sheridan's Oakville campus at this time. The station will likely drop the "Ridge Radio" moniker in early 2011 and rebrand as "Radio Sheridan" or "Sheridan Campus Radio" to more clearly define its alignment with the college.

History: Ridge Radio was a small community radio project created by John Mckay in Oakville in 2000. At the time the station launched, Ridge Radio was believed to be the only local, community radio station in Canada broadcasting via the Internet, programmed specifically for the local area.

Ridge Radio takes its name from the geographic feature that runs through the town of Oakville, the old lake Iroquois shoreline. Shortly after launching, Ridge Radio acquired a LPAS (Low Power Announcement Service) FM license with the call sign VEK-565, and began simulcasting its signal on the FM band at 90.7 in addition to the Internet.

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